Supporting sales by data-driven storytelling

Marketing your supply chain is what we do. We help our clients to tell the product story. Automated. Granular on a batch basis. Spot on.

We support your sales by increasing consumer trust. Add transparency to enable you to show quality and sustainability efforts in the supply chain. And guarantee food integrity in your supply chain.

Trust is like the air we breathe—when it’s present, nobody really notices. When it’s absent, everyone notices.

Warren Buffett

Supply chain optimisation

Balance your supply chain between economy and ecology. We help our clients with decision support. Data-driven and with grip on the supply chain costs, forecast and/or history-based. We create the insights you need for the right decisions.

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FoodInsights is proud to work with beautiful brands,
which are determined to meet consumer desire for openness and clarity.

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We help producers and retailers build consumer trust through Databased Storytelling. Let’s empower shoppers to choose your product.

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