PoultryChain is a tracking & tracing solution combined with a structured storage of production data along the supply chain for poultry integrators. It is suited for poultry integrators combining consumer trust creating with keeping a strong grip on supply chain costs. PoultryChain consists of both a blockchain and a datawarehouse. The ability to create production forecasts based enables scenario-analysis for decision support.

PoultryChain was developed with Kuijpers Poultry and their brand “De Kloeke Kip” in the Netherlands. PoultryChain provides:

  • tracking & tracing solution
  • structured datastorage linkable to single batches in the supply chain
  • mobile consumerwebsite for databased storytelling

Databased storytelling provides the brand De Kloeke Kip to communicate with their consumers automatically on batchlevel about quality standards, health and environmental impact.

The project was partly funded by Agrifoodcapital and province of Noord-Brabant.