Databased Storytelling


Fresh food chains have become increasingly complex in recent decades. Visualizing the production process helps to clarify these chains and greater transparency helps to reveal the care with which the products are made. When customers can see where their products come from, they have more confidence in them. Given that the products are food-based, this can make all the difference.


Our chains

Fresh chains refer to chains of:

> fruits
> vegetables
> potatoes


> eggs
> meat
> flowers

These are the chains we focus on and where we can make a real difference.


Increases confidence in the products by highlighting their origins

Optimizes chains and improves profitability

Improves continuity through smarter supply chain finance

How do you innovate your chain?

By taking the following steps together.


Digitizing your production process

Connecting with your customers and suppliers

Innovating your production process with Foodinsights software

We use blockchain technology to innovate chains. According to experts, this is the next big thing in chain innovation. Blockchain technology allows us to check and register food origins more accurately. This creates more transparency and trust in the food chains, making it the perfect technology for innovating more complex chains.


Foodinsights was founded by Wilbert Hilkens and Corne van Aaken.

Wilbert Hilkens

Wilbert Hilkens founded Foodinsights with VAA ICT Consultancy after gaining:

  • ten years of experience in the international food and agriculture sector
  • ten years of experience as a banker in these sectors

Wilbert knows the business inside-out and draws on his experience to make the Foodinsights platform work for you. He knows how to get the most out of your business model and how to ensure that it meets the requirements of the blockchain software.

Corne van Aaken

Corne van Aaken founded the Foodinsights platform with Wilbert Hilkens after several decades of managing VAA ICT Consultancy, a software supplier with extensive experience developing software to connect companies in the food and agriculture sectors. See below for some recent projects.

KringloopWijzer (recycling indicator), an example of smart collaboration

Machtigingenregister (authorization register) for safe data exchange

Smart energy in the greenhouse horticulture sector


You can contact Foodinsights via the channels below:

Wilbert Hilkens
P: +31 (0)6-125 21 119
E: wilbert@foodinsights.nl

You can also visit us at:

De Jamfabriek
Helftheuvelweg 11
5222 AV
The Netherlands