Let’s Drive Transparency in Food

FoodInsights is a multifunctional team of food veterans. Our team contains expertise in 3 fields: consumer insights, traceability technology and fresh food supply chains.
Our company is founded in 2018 by Wilbert Hilkens and Corne van Aaken and is based in the City of ‘s Hertogenbosch. Our team has grown to over 12 experts. This year, we will celebrate our 8th operational blockchain, given approximately 400.000 consumers a more transparent access to their food.

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Please contact Wilbert Hilkens.

You can also visit us at:

De Jamfabriek
Helftheuvelweg 11
5222 AV
The Netherlands

Wilbert Hilkens

+31 6 12 521119

Corne van Aaken


Bob Klaase

Blockchain engineer

Will Kroot

Technical realisation

Rene Braakman

Program manager

Davy de Jong

Software architect

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